Infidelity: A Man's Inheritance

Infidelity: A Man's Inheritance

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Successful and beautiful, Anna Simmons traded in the familiarity of her hometown in Raleigh for the excitement and glamour of New York. Warned early on about the shallowness of the attractive, successful and ambitious urban man and the emotionless attachments he seeks, Anna navigates the city's lively social scene with the hope of finding something different. Following a string of meaningless encounters and a broken heart, Anna reflects on her experiences and takes a closer look at herself and the men she invites into her life. Is the city to blame for the emptiness which surrounds her, for the lies and insincerity or is it the men? Guilty of sending mixed signals and of playing qqthe game, qq Anna is determined to rediscover herself and find answers. Does love truly exist? Can it be found amidst the chaos of the city? Is there a man who wants the same things or is every encounter destined to end in heartbreak with a cheat? Only one man holds the answers but which one is he?a€œFor goodness sake Frank, I thought you got over trying to pronounce his name in Greek, a€ sighed Betty. ... and made their way towards the terminal exit but stopped short when they heard Frank yelling towards them from the middle of the security line. ... Once in, Constantine volunteered to put on a pot of 156 Katie Ploum.

Title:Infidelity: A Man's Inheritance
Author:Katie Ploum - 2015-04-21


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