Inflating a Dog (trade paperback)

Inflating a Dog (trade paperback)

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Peter Leroy struggles to win the affections of the toothsome Patti Fiorenza while keeping his mother's hopes and his mother's boat afloat. Ella Leroy dreams of escaping the dreary routine of her 1950s wife-and-mom life. Without telling her husband, she enlists her son Peter and his locally-notorious girlfriend Patti in a scheme to buy a run-down clamboat and re-invent it as an elegant cruising vessel for summer people in the bayside town of Babbington, Long Island. But after they've bought the boat, Peter discovers that it is slowly sinking. qRaucous, wise, and great fun, this is simply not to be missed.q Nancy Pearl, Booklist qThe secret dreams and yearnings of a soul in the making, a fool for beauty.q Frederic Koeppel, Memphis Commercial Appeal qFascinating and sophisticated.q Jennifer Reese, The New York Times Book Review qThe best description of sex appeal anywhere, ever.q Peter Jon Shuler... down the stairs in my pajamas, so that if I were intercepted I could claim that Ia#39;d come downstairs to use the bathroom. ... dress in the shadows, and make my rambling way through sleeping Babbington, pausing at all the lighted windows, anbsp;...

Title:Inflating a Dog (trade paperback)
Author:Eric Kraft - 2012-09


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