Infrared and Millimeter Waves V14

Infrared and Millimeter Waves V14

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Infrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 14: Millimeter Components and Techniques, Part V is concerned with millimeter-wave guided propagation and integrated circuits. In addition to millimeter-wave planar integrated circuits and subsystems, this book covers transducer configurations and integrated-circuit techniques, antenna arrays, optoelectronic devices, and tunable gyrotrons. Millimeter-wave gallium arsenide (GaAs) IMPATT diodes are also discussed. This monograph is comprised of six chapters and begins with a description of millimeter-wave integrated-circuit transducers, focusing on various designs and trade-offs and providing hardware examples. The next chapter deals with millimeter-wave planar integrated circuits based on three transmission media: microstrip lines, suspended strip lines, and fin lines. Various transmission media and substrates are first considered, followed by design considerations and performances of several integrated-circuit components, including mixers, IMPATT oscillators, frequency multipliers, switches, filters, couplers, and ferrite devices. A few selected subsystems are also discussed. The following chapters look at planar millimeter-wave antenna arrays; optoelectronic devices for millimeter waves; and the state of the art in GaAs IMPATT diode technology for both cw and pulsed modes of operation. The final chapter is devoted to the gyrotron or electron cyclotron resonance maser. This text will be a useful resource for physicists and electronics and electrical engineers.Crossbar Strip-Line Mixer Most millimeter-wave suspended strip-line mixers are in a crossbar-type structure (Fig. 34). The rf signal is applied to mixer diodes from a waveguide perpendicular to the circuit board. The crossbar configuration isanbsp;...

Title:Infrared and Millimeter Waves V14
Author:Kenneth J. Button
Publisher:Elsevier - 1985-11-28


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