Infrared and Millimeter Waves V15

Infrared and Millimeter Waves V15

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Infrared and Millimeter Waves, Volume 15: Millimeter Components and Techniques, Part VI is concerned with millimeter-wave guided propagation and integrated circuits. This book covers low-noise receiver technology for near-millimeter wavelengths; dielectric image-line antennas; EHF satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal antennas; and semiconductor antennas for millimeter-wave integrated circuits. A scanning airborne radiometer for 30 and 90 GHz and a self-oscillating mixer are also described. This monograph is comprised of six chapters and begins with a discussion on the design of low-noise receivers, with emphasis on problems encountered at near-millimeter wavelengths. Optimization of the material parameters and device topology for both Schottky-barrier diodes and superconducting mixer elements are considered. Some representative examples of state-of-the-art mixers and receivers, designed to operate at frequencies of 100-1000 GHz, are given in order to illustrate the way in which practical, high-performance millimeter-wave devices can be constructed. The following chapters focus on a scanning airborne radiometer for 30 and 90 GHz; a self-oscillating mixer; dielectric image-line antennas; and EHF SATCOM terminal antennas. The final chapter is devoted to semiconductor dipole antennas for millimeter-wave sensors, with particular reference to the basic concepts leading to the development of semiconductor dipoles. A theoretical formulation for tubular semiconductor dipoles is outlined and numerical results are presented to assess their characteristics. This text will be a valuable resource for physicists and electronics and electrical engineers.A REDUCED HEIGHT RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDE CONTACT NHISKER HHISKER MOUNTING : 4 i x PIN re Ar R Ba#39;ttActa#39;Aca#39;aquot; a€œes 1aquot; n ... Schottky-diode-mixer mount, which shows some of the main features of a single-ended waveguide mixer.

Title:Infrared and Millimeter Waves V15
Author:Kenneth J. Button
Publisher:Elsevier - 1986-01-01


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