Injustice for All

Injustice for All

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A true story of Sean Thomas who after leavintg home at seventeen to join the army, returns to begin college and seek his goal of becoming a C.P.A. Financial struggles almost derail his plans, but through hard work and determination he finally becomes a partner in a very successful C.P.A. firm. Then the managing partner of the firm, an attorney and C.P.A. decides to help a friend and client of the firm with his tax problems and in so doing commits tax fraud and the distruction of the firm begins. The events that follow include a very public trial and conviction, an appeal of the conviction, sex in the boss's office, suicide by plane crash and a long legal battle lasting eighteen years. Prosecutors unfairly charge those who had nothing to do with the crime to get their co-operation and ultimately give up on their case. They then fight those who they unfairlyi charged. In the end there would be injustice for all.The plane hit some turbulence just as I jumped, so when I started to arch my back , I did a slow backflip. ... In fact, there was no sensation of falling, and the ground did not appear to get much closer until I got down to several Donald Sperry 81.

Title:Injustice for All
Author:Donald Sperry - 2011-11


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