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In 1533, Atahualpa, leader of the Inca people, was killed. Decapitated. But before his death he vowed he would return one day. He would return in the form of Inkarri, and he would avenge his own wrongful death and that of his people. Today, in modern Peru, there are some who still await that return and look for their savior. James Leaf, was not looking for the deluxe tour, much less the savior of the Incas. He was not looking for friendship with strangers, much less dependence on them for his life. But James rarely receives what he looks for. Within the deep, forsaken jungles of Peru, it is James who is thrust into ancient prophecies, mythic destinies, and cruel battles. As legends awaken on every side, James must battle his own fate face to face with the risen Inkarri.Inkarri took the knife and put it back in Jamesa#39; hand. ... The names [n/earri and Helmut punctuated the speech, and each time they were spoken it was as though the excitement in the room became more tangible and vibrant. ... a€œTomorrow at the Snowmoon you will approach Odin and receive his blessing. Only youa€”the re-awakened leader of Odina#39;s blooda€”can permit the ushering of Inkarri to the throne.

Author:Ryan Miller
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-06-01


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