Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing

Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing

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Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing Inkjet technology goes way beyond putting ink on paper: it enables simpler, faster and more reliable manufacturing processes in the fields of micro- and nanotechnology. Modern inkjet heads are per se precision instruments that deposit droplets of fluids on a variety of surfaces in programmable, repeating patterns, allowing, after suitable modifications and adaptations, the manufacturing of devices such as thin-film transistors, polymer-based displays and photovoltaic elements. Moreover, inkjet technology facilitates the large-scale production of flexible RFID transponders needed, eg, for automated logistics and miniaturized sensors for applications in health surveillance. The book gives an introduction to inkjet-based micromanufacturing, followed by an overview of the underlying theories and models, which provides the basis for a full understanding and a successful usage of inkjet-based methods in current microsystems research and development Overview of Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing: Thermal Inkjet Theory and Modeling Post-Printing Processes for Inorganic Inks for Plastic Electronics Applications Inkjet Ink Formulations Inkjet Fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards Antennas for Radio Frequency Identification Tags Inkjet Printing for MEMS

Title:Inkjet-based Micromanufacturing
Author:Jan G. Korvink, Patrick J. Smith, Dong-Youn Shin
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-04-16


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