Inner Music

Inner Music

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Musical instruments, as resonating systems, have been used as models for understanding human character from the seventeenth century onward. The author explores the implications of this model - how, for example, someone's character, conceived instrumentally, 'plays' and 'is played upon', as well as the kinds of 'music' it 'plays'. This concept has contributed significantly to the development of theory in biomedical, neuro-, and cognitive sciences, and this account provides an important chapter in the history of the philosophy of science.Hobbes, Hooke, and North on Internal Character Jamie Croy Kassler ... On this point he is silent. ... To model the animal machine, Descartes chose the pneumatic organ, for he wrote: If you have ever had the curiosity to look ... [You know] also how from there the air enters the pipes, now one, now another, as the organist moves his fingers on the keyboard. And you can think of the heart and arteries of our machine (which push animal spirits into the cavities of its brain) as similar to theanbsp;...

Title:Inner Music
Author:Jamie Croy Kassler
Publisher:Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press - 1995-01-01


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