Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 3

Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 3

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Books in the Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence series report on the nature and range of real-world problems that AI technology can address successfully today. The more than 20 applications described in this volume range from support for keeping track of frequent flyers competition to monitoring the California travel expense claim system to nuclear test ban treaty verification. Contents include: Meeting a Competitive Challenge in the Frequent Flyers Competition. The Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Chemical Regulation. CANASTA: The Crash Analysis Troubleshooting Assistant. SYLLABUS: An Interactive Constraint-Based Schedule for Schools and Colleges. The Credit Clearing House Expert System. Quality Design Expert System of Steel Products. An Expert Auditing System for Airline Passenger Tickets. The Maintenance Operations Controller Advisor. AGATHA: An Integrated Expert System to Test and Diagnose Complex PC Boards. Automatic Letter Composition for Customer Service. Expert Systems in Data Processing: California Travel Expense Claim System. NYNEX MAX: A Telephone Trouble Screening Expert. AES. SunAMerica's Appointment Expert System. The Thallium Diagnostic Workstation: Learning to Diagnose Heart Imagery from Examples. A Knowledge-Based System to Support Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Verification. AL2X: An Expert System for Off-Site evaluation of Commercial Bank Financial Stability.In fact, canaStaa#39;s unresolved crash processor distinguishes it from other expert systems: It directly assists the expert in the ... The Crash Dump Analysis Problem When an operating system detects an internal error so severe that normalanbsp;...

Title:Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence 3
Author:Reid G. Smith, A. Carlisle Scott
Publisher:Aaai Press - 1991


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