Insects of the Great Lakes Region

Insects of the Great Lakes Region

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The insects are the world's most amazing animals and comprise over eighty-five percent of the known animal species. Insects of the Great Lakes Region is the first comprehensive guide to document the rich and diverse insect fauna of the Great Lakes region. In Insects of the Great Lakes Region, educators, insect enthusiasts, and the general public will find high-quality, well-presented, easy-to-understand information with over 250 illustrations of the insects found in yards, gardens, fields, and forests. Among the topics discussed are the geological, biological, and entomological history of the Great Lakes region, the distributional patterns of insects in the Great Lakes region, and insect classification and identification. Appendixes guide the reader to entomological organizations, entomological periodicals, public insect collections, regulations on collecting insects from public lands in the Great Lakes region, as well as rare, threatened, and endangered insects. This guide shows the amateur entomologist everything he needs to know, from where to collect milkweed bugs to how often to feed his pet tarantula. Gary Dunn is Executive Director and Editor, Young Entomologists' Society, Inc., International Headquarters, Lansing, Michigan.The white underwing, Catocala relicta Walker, has distinctive front wings that are predominantly white with gray ... For butterfly identification consult A Field Guide to Eastern Butterflies (Opler and Malikul 1992), The Audubon Society Fieldanbsp;...

Title:Insects of the Great Lakes Region
Author:Gary A. Dunn
Publisher:University of Michigan Press - 1996


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