Inside Agitators

Inside Agitators

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qWith keen insight, Chappell argues that not only were white southerners far from solid in their commitment to segregation during the civil rights era, but that the movement actively exploited and widened their divisions to achieve both local victories and federal intervention.q -- Mark Newman, Journal of American Studies qOne of the many virtues of David Chappell's fascinating study is that he does not romanticize white southerners who were sympathetic toward the civil rights movement. Rather than depicting them simply as courageous dissenters, he shows that their motives for supporting civil rights reform were varied and complex -- a mixture of altruism, pragmatism, paternalism, guilt, and numerous other idiosyncratic sentiments.q -- Clayborne Carson, Editor of the Papers of Martin Luther King Jr. qChappell is to be commended for struggling with hard questions about historical causation.q -- Robert J. Norrell, Journal of American HistoryPart Three On the division of the Democratic party, so central to the framework of part three: James McGregor Burns, ... No adequate treatment of the Democratic Advisory Council exists. ... 280; and George C. Roberts, Paul M. Butler: Hoosier Politician and National Political Leader (Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1987), esp. io6ff. ... See especially McPherson OH, LBJL, interview I, tape 2, p.

Title:Inside Agitators
Author:David L. Chappell
Publisher:JHU Press - 1996-04-22


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