Inside the Humidor

Inside the Humidor

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Lydia M. Kordalewski cigar fantasy traces the tragedies and triumphs of four generations coming from the Canary Islands and settling in Cuba in the late 1800a€™s and controlling the cigar dynasty. Choosing not to join the revolution in Cuba, Julio Sharkey flees to Miami with his family and grandfathera€™s humidor via the Dominican Republic to find the American dream. Settling in Florida, Julio builds his cigar dynasty so his sons can have a successful future. But when the oldest son, Victor grows up, he gains his own power and through his greed slips into the dangerous world of drugs leading him into committing murder, rape, dealing with crooked cops and eventually destroying the entire Sharkey dynasty. The second son, Cole, an attorney and Cigar Bar owner lives by the rule of family comes first over everything, remains the good son and stays loyal to his family. And the younger son, Winston, confused throughout his life, changes his lifestyles several times only to find out someone had been hiding a family secret. The reader will find that the Sharkey family lives in a secret underworld of power, lust, greed, betrayal and deception.But at the end, the author casts a special light of love Inside the humidor.Though he wouldhave never takenthe moneyif he knew it came from drugs. Victorwas out of debt, thanks to Carlos. He was now ... Julio would spend weekends sitting outside in the backyard smoking cigarsandenjoy watching the boatssailby.

Title:Inside the Humidor
Author:Lydia M. Kordalewski
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-05-02


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