Inside The Mind of a Serial Multi-Paraphilic Sex Offender

Inside The Mind of a Serial Multi-Paraphilic Sex Offender

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a€œInside the Mind of a Serial, Multi-paraphilic Sex Offendera€ provides a very graphic, perspicacious, clinical analysis of an offendera€™s life-long history of sexually deviant thoughts, fantasies, and conduct, and is a must for counselors, psychologists, social workers, therapists, prosecutors, investigators, judges, parents, and sex offender specialists alike. It provides an in-depth examination of a real offendera€™s life that spanned decades, beginning at the early age of five. Dr. Beverly takes the reader on a journey through the mental, emotional, and behavioral character of one offender whose criminal and bizarre conduct remained undetected for years. This book is not intended to foster hate toward sexual offenders; rather, each reader has an opportunity to gain new knowledge towards prevention, recognition, and intervention.After feeling around, I started to undo her bra straps. In those days, the bra straps had a clip with an opening so you could undo the strap to adjust it. I undid both straps, unsnapped the back and took her bra off. When I took her bra off, I had to anbsp;...

Title:Inside The Mind of a Serial Multi-Paraphilic Sex Offender
Author:Dr. R. Devin Beverly
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-12-22


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