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qLife is a collection of stories that we all experience as we travel down these streets of reality. We all know love, envy, and fear. There are millions of emotions we feel each day and most of us think it is only them that see, hear, taste, and enjoy the intense feeling they get. These stories I have written are reflections of these emotions seen from a different view. We can see things in life from a good or bad point but there is all ways the middle ground that we tend to past. Life is never just right or wrong. Life has different levels and we climb up or down to the reality of our choosing. I wrote these stories to take you to some levels you may have never been so you can continues down your life path knowing you are not alone. Hope you enjoyq. tjHe shifted his weight to the right, moving closer to her, his lips curled up. ... a€œIn all the confusion, the wreck, there wasna#39;t time to do much, a€ she tried to explain, rationalize, to get a grip on her true feeling. ... Josh stepped back, his body twisted covered with mud; he stared at Tyra with an odd look she could feel penetratinganbsp;...

Author:T.J. Schroeder
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-02-14


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