Inside the Windows 95 Registry

Inside the Windows 95 Registry

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What Windows 95 developers have been looking for! An in-depth examination of the Windows 95 registry, the new central qstorage facilityq for settings that replaces most of the old SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI settings found in Windows 3.x. This book covers remote registry access, differences between the Win95 and NT registries, and registry backup. You'll also find a thorough examination of the role that the registry plays in OLE, coverage of undocumented registry services, and more. Petrusha shows programmers how to access the Win95 registry from Win32, Win16, and DOS programs in C and Visual Basic. VxD sample code is also included. The book includes a diskette with registry tools such as REGSPY, a program that shows exactly how Windows applications, libraries, and drivers use settings in the registry.Both Windows and any application that you are using are constantly reading from and writing to the registry, and changes to registry keys and values are not immediately flushed to disk. There is a good chance that, if you do use this method to copy the backup registry file, it will also become corrupted. ... Select option 7 to begin a safe mode real mode session. 4. ... the backup registry file will also become partially corrupted, and your attempt to repair the registry by restoring the backupanbsp;...

Title:Inside the Windows 95 Registry
Publisher:Oreilly & Associates Incorporated - 1996


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