Insistent Images

Insistent Images

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Insistent Images presents a number of new departures dealing with iconicity on the conceptual and the structural levels. On the level of structure, the interface between different aspects of iconicity, lexical meaning and grammar is discussed in reference to both spoken and signed languages. Novel approaches to aural iconicity investigate a wide range of phenomena from phonological iconicity to the role of iconic features in discourse, in the nineteenth century practice of reading aloud, in the almost magic incantations of fin de siAucle poetry and in Tolkiena€™s invented languages. Several papers examine the function of iconicity in visual and avant-garde poetry, where iconic features allow a reduction of means, which, paradoxically, generates textual diversification and complexity. A discussion of iconic text strategies shows how texts are comprehended through iconic holistic transfer from complex natural and action patterns. a€˜Liberaturea€™, which integrates text, image and physical space, is another novel area of study, as are the investigations into the iconic properties of film and of multimedia performance. Film is intrinsically iconic, while at the same time being, like photography, indexical; in multimedia performance, on the other hand, iconicity functions intermedially by both integrating and reflecting processes of perception and conceptualization. These last two new fields of inquiry further enhance this truly interdisciplinary volumea€™s explorations of icons as a€˜insistent imagesa€™.Rather, it is the use of a second negator as a strengthener which is iconically motivated. ... is often weakly stressed because the negative is frequently used in a contrastive context, so that another word in the sentence gets emphasized.

Title:Insistent Images
Author:El?bieta Tabakowska, Christina Ljungberg, Olga Fischer
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2007-03-14


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