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When a series of murders rock Edinburgh city, Detective Andrews and his young protege, Detective Reynolds, struggle to make sense of the crimes. The more they investigate, the more cryptic the case becomes. Not only does the killer seem to be meticulous in his acts, but each of his victims has direct links with one man - Michael Ted Mersdone. Having lived his entire life with a secret he never fully understood, a plot of a more serious nature is uncovered. Shrouded in ancient prophecies and riddles, it becomes a race against time to save Michael and his closely guarded secret.Like all the doors in the house, it was a heavyset mahogany door with a brass knob. Pressing his ... Throwing out his hands, almost dropping the Beretta, he just managed to catch the broom handle that came his way. It was a ... Sliding open the frosted glass shower door, Benedetto was welcomed by an empty shower tray.

Author:James Goldfarb - 2007-08-01


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