Inspired Design

Inspired Design

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qCovering a wide range of traditional crafts made in Japan, this book examines how Japanese artisans have used raw natural materials and turned them into unique designs throughout history. The originality of Japanese design is revealed as resulting from a combination of forcesa€”nature, the aesthetic principles of Zen in art, and the influence of tea masters on artistic expression. Hundreds of color photographs of crafts made from animal products (imported ivory, tortoise-shell, stag-antler, leather, and shark), vegetable products (wood, bamboo, lacquer, hemp, and linen), and mineral products (stone, ceramic, and metals) depict the work of these artisans.qAt this extreme temperature, the sand-like particles of the clay pots melt and fuse together to form a hard, glass-like ceramic. ... From the authora#39;s diary, 2003 Of all the traditional arts in Japan, ceramic-making is still vibrantly alive, with some tens of thousands of studio potters being employed full-time throughout the country. Many of the well-known pottery centres are villages, or even small towns, whose resident families have been making ceramics for hundreds of years - perpetuatinganbsp;...

Title:Inspired Design
Author:Michael Dunn
Publisher:5 Continents Editions - 2005


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