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Join Allen on his exploration of life's events in a poetic form. Remember your high school years with qInfatuationsq; party with qCelebrationsq; sing with qSongsq; fall in love with qTrue Loveq; and hear the advice from the universe in qReflectionsq. a€œA diverse work of poetry that is revealing and funny. Allen skillfully communicates his heart felt messages truthfullya€. a€”Jaden Sterling, International Best Selling Author, The Alchemy of True Success a€œFunny and Eclectic is what you get when you read Allen Vaysberga€™s The Inspirer. A fantastic selection of poetry that will keep you asking for more.a€ a€”Honi Borden, Author, Speaker, Healer. a€œTherea€™s an old saying, to write about what you know, and thata€™s exactly what Allen does, giving us a glimpse at his life, his loves, his desires, and his spirituality. Ita€™s a true cornucopia of one mana€™s life. Enjoy the voyage!a€ a€”Tom T. Moore, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur a€œInspirera€ is a magical journey through the life and soul of a true poeta€. a€”Deborah Levine Herman, Author, Literary Agent, Mystic. www.deborah-herman.comActors . . . . seems like ita#39;s their job And all they care, is their pay stubs. The characters are simply fake, But thata#39;s just icing on the cake! What I was most ... own private fun. They lie, they cheat, they sleep around Without making too much sound.

Author:Allen Vaysberg
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2013-04-18


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