Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry

Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry

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Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry introduces the various aspects of physical chemistry in an order that gives the opportunity for continuous reading from front to back. The background to a range of important techniques is in incorporated to reflect the wide application of the subject matter. This book provides the key to the understanding and learning of physical chemistry.For example, the ground state of a hydrogen atom consists of a single electron in a 1s orbital, so its configuration is written 1s1. ... Aufbau principle The procedure used to determine the ground state configurations of many-electron atoms by sequentially filling up ... The ability of the 4s orbital to penetrate the inner shells lowers its energy below that of the 3d orbitals. ... Sodium (Z=11) has an electron configuration 1s22s22p63s1 (also written as [Ne]3s1) and has one valence electron.

Title:Instant Notes in Physical Chemistry
Author:Gavin Whittaker, Andy Mount, Matthew Heal
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2004-11-23


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