Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients

Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients

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Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients provides step-by-step guidance for your patients to save time and eliminate the risk of miscommunication. Marc Safran and James E. Zachazewski present the combined perspectives of both an orthopaedic sports medicine physician and a physical therapist for a balanced approach to therapeutic practices. The updated second edition covers additional topics so that you stay current and have the best treatment options at your fingertips. Youa€™ll have over 300 rehabilitation exercises with detailed drawings and descriptions, all downloadable from Ensure that your patients comply with therapeutic instructions and recover more quickly from chronic ankle instability, tennis elbow, and more. Access the fully searchable contents on CD, along with all topics printable as PDFs for fast and easy access to the instructions you need. Provide over 300 rehabilitation exercises with detailed drawings and descriptions that are easy for the patient to follow at home. Customize patient handouts with special instructions through an adaptable notes area. Benefit from the perspectives of an orthopedic sports medicine physician and a physical therapist for balanced guidelines for the patient to follow. Stay at the forefront of therapy and practice with coverage of additional new topics-flexor hallucis longus tendonitis, hip labral tear, femoroacetabular impingement, ligamentum teres tear, hip instability, stiff (frozen) shoulder, hip arthroscopy SLAP lesion, Bennett lesion, throwera€™s shoulder, exercise with a joint replacement (arthroplasty), trochanteric bursitis, and viscosupplementation. Save time in finding the right treatment using an expanded table of contents that references both the common and scientific names of each condition. Help your patients understand instructions thanks to material at a 6th grade reading level for easy comprehension.DESCRIPTION Cubital tunnel syndrome is a nerve disorder in the elbow and upper arm that causes pain, tingling, hand weakness, and often a loss of feeling in the ring and little fingers. There is compression or stretching of the ulnar nerve atanbsp;...

Title:Instructions for Sports Medicine Patients
Author:Marc Safran, James E. Zachazewski, David A. Stone
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2011-11-09


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