Instrumentation and Test Gear Circuits Manual

Instrumentation and Test Gear Circuits Manual

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Instrumentation and Test Gear Circuits Manual provides diagrams, graphs, tables, and discussions of several types of practical circuits. The practical circuits covered in this book include attenuators, bridges, scope trace doublers, timebases, and digital frequency meters. Chapter 1 discusses the basic instrumentation and test gear principles. Chapter 2 deals with the design of passive attenuators, and Chapter 3 with passive and active filter circuits. The subsequent chapters tackle 'bridge' circuits, analogue and digital metering techniques and circuitry, signal and waveform generation, and power-supply generation. A variety of specialized items of test gear, such as bargraph meters, probes, go/no-go testers, capacitance and frequency meters, transistor testers, Q-meters, and oscilloscope accessories, are also presented in this text. This book will be most useful to industrial, commercial, electronics engineer and designer.Diode LED |-#a€“ Zener X Diode/LED/Zener test connections SW1 sets test current: SW2 sets the voltmeter range to 1W, 2.5V, or 5V F.S.D. ... The precision twenty- one-range multi-function ohmmeter can also be used to make useful tests on diodes, LEDs, and Zeners (a), and ... a.c./d.c. voltage converter of Figure 6.40 can be combined with a few other circuit elements and a d.c. voltmeter to make a superbanbsp;...

Title:Instrumentation and Test Gear Circuits Manual
Author:R. M. Marston
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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