Integers and Theory of Numbers

Integers and Theory of Numbers

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A concise work on important topics in number theory, this classic text was devised by a prominent mathematician to explain the essentials of mathematics in a manner accessible to high school and college students as well as to other readers. Clear-cut explanations cover natural numbers as cardinals, with discussions of positional notation and the ordering of numbers according to magnitude; natural numbers as ordinals, including Peano's axioms and the relation of ordinals to cardinals; the theory of numbers, encompassing prime numbers and their distribution, partitions of the circle, Fermat's simple and last theorems, perfect numbers, amicable numbers, and algebraic and ideal numbers; and rational numbers, with considerations of positive fractions, negative integers, and the field of rationals. 1955 ed.The first problems concerning prime numbers deal with the factorization of natural numbers into primes, the total number of primes, and their distribution among natural numbers. The first problem is fairly simple. It is evident that we can anbsp;...

Title:Integers and Theory of Numbers
Author:Abraham Adolf Fraenkel
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2004


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