Intelligent And Loyal

Intelligent And Loyal

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A celebration of the mongrel. The mongrel occupies a special place in our hearts and homes. Jilly Cooper collected stories from hundreds of owners to write this engaging and affectionate tribute. She presents a delightful account of the lives and natures of a vast assortment of dogs of doubtful parentage: a fascinating, moving and entertaining chronicle of their exploits and accomplishments, their bravery, devotion and wisdom. Jilly's special method of classification enables you to tell instantly if your pet is a Woolly Whitejaw, a Borderline Collie, a Bertrand Russell or a Lancashire Hot Pet. At last, our mongrels have achieved the recognition they have so long deserved...Even vets have now joined the campaign and warn parents not to allow their children to cuddle their dogs a€“ thus, as Daniel Farson has ... Price Strognell, an Ebony Fetcher, used to guard Mrs Strognella#39;s baby in her pram like a veteran Gurkha.

Title:Intelligent And Loyal
Author:Jilly Cooper
Publisher:Random House - 2012-06-07


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