Intelligent GIS

Intelligent GIS

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Spatial modelling and GIS are closely linked both in their uses by industry and as academic disciplines. Intelligent GIS sets out the principles and applications of spatial modelling and GIS and demonstrates its use in location decisions and strategic planning. The book shows how Intelligent GIS can be used to analyse the huge amount of data available to industry to help it make informed decisions. Intelligent GIS will be invaluable reading for: GIS professionals students of Geography, Business Studies, and Marketing business decision-makers Intelligent GIS: demonstrates the importance of geographical thinking in business considers the type of data available and how it can be used shows how performance indicators can provide management information shows how the geographical modelling processes can aid policy-making illustrates the use of these methods in four service sectors: retailing, financial services, health care, and education provides examples drawn from academic research, and real-life case studies from throughout the world The authors have international reputations in applied spatial analysis and GIS. They are well-known in the business community for the profitable use of intelligent GIS.... (say Toyota) and analyse data at the postal district level, then for the nine major model segments they compete in (Corolla, Carina, Camry, MR2, etc.) ... can begin to appreciate the difficulties of using any sort of manual (non-computerized ) system to handle the complexities of the geographical markets. The benefits of a GIS just to store, retrieve, and map any of the elements of the arrays are significant.

Title:Intelligent GIS
Author:Mark Birkin
Publisher:Wiley - 1996


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