Intentional Walk

Intentional Walk

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Reporter Ray Gorman met baseball player Dixon White in 1971, before he was a star, but that didna€™t stop Gorman from seeing star potential. Dixon was the best high school pitcher in the statea€”until a fateful car crash changed his life forever. A few years later, Dixon decides to take a chance and try out for the big leagues. He misses baseball, but more than that, he also wants to help his parents financially. His little brother, Todd, suffers from polio and will need an expensive surgery to live a normal life. Dixon is shocked when he is hired to join the teama€™s Triple-A affiliate, and Gorman dubs him a€œThe Cana€™t Miss Kid.a€ Now Dixon is the hottest prospect in the minors, and with Gormana€™s help, hea€™s front-page news on the Pittsburgh Gazette. Soon, however, Dixona€™s best intentions get lost in the fray. Unready for the kind of attention and expectations the story brings, he will need to look to his roots and his inner faith to find success while staying true to his family, friends and to himself.a€œIfyou can get me my Western omelette with cheese, whole wheat toastand home fries to me in the next 10 minutes, while still keeping my coffee cup full, Ia#39;ll tell Dixonthatyou said so, a€he said, ashe smiled broadlybackat her. a€œAre you telling me anbsp;...

Title:Intentional Walk
Author:Allen Goodrich
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-02-20


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