Intercession That Breaks The Sound Barrier

Intercession That Breaks The Sound Barrier

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Our sins have made a barrier between God and us (Isaiah 59:2). Sins leave us without the knowledge of what true peace is and what it means to act justly before God. Because of this, we stay in darkness, even though Jesus is the Light. In the darkness we grope like blind men and stumble in broad daylight. We moan and groan for the blessings of God, but our sins testify against us. Sin is disobedience to God. Even though Jesus died for these sins, if we remain in them, then we reject the Light. Our rejection of the Light is what causes the barriers between us and God. This book, Intercession That Breaks the Sound Barrier, gives several instances of what Jesus says invites the darkness and the redemptive voice that breaks them. Sounding the sounds of intercession is like putting on the robe of vengeance as armor. It is putting on the work of Jesus Himself to glorify God our Father. It is reverence for God in the name of God--it is Jehovah's breath. qAnd when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, 'Receive ye the Holy Ghost: Whosesoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosesoever sins ye retain, they are retainedq (John 20:22-23). It would be a mistake to speak of any earthly author for this book. It was written only as the breath of Jehovah breathed, and not of man's ability. To Him be all the glory and praise. AmenTo do this he entices us to become offended at the very ones God has appointed for us and deceives us in accepting people into our a€œbrotherhooda€ who are not called by God to complete a work for Him. When this happens, a door is openedanbsp;...

Title:Intercession That Breaks The Sound Barrier
Author:Birdella A. Tucker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-04-27


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