Internal Reconstruction in Indo-European

Internal Reconstruction in Indo-European

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Text in English a German. The present volume contains selected papers from a symposium on Internal Reconstruction in Indo- European: Methods, Results and Problems, which formed a subsection of the 16th International Conference on Historical Linguistics held at the University of Copenhagen. This is one of the first international conferences ever to deal with internal reconstruction. Internal reconstruction is what the historical linguist resorts to when the possibilities of more traditional comparative reconstruction have been exhausted. This is certainly the case at the level of the protolanguage: when Proto-Indo-European has been reconstructed on the basis of a painstaking comparative analysis of the entire data field drawing on the full range of extant lE languages, there are quite often questions still left unanswered. Comparable methods can be applied to later stages of the language where the immediate prehistory is not accessible or a corroboration is wanted. Today, internal reconstruction is routinely applied at all levels of historical linguistic analysis as one of the tools that open up the linguistic prehistory. The papers published illustrate the full range of the phenomenon of internal reconstruction.Methods, Results, and Problems : Section Papers from the XVI International Conference on Historical Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, 11th-15th August, 2003 Jens ElmegAyrd Rasmussen, Thomas Olander ... (AH) agt; PU ciilke ~ *cilke a#39;shine, sparklea#39; (Ostyak sulpi a#39;glitter darkly (of e.g. the black fur of a sable)a#39;, UEW 46-47) ~ PIE *(s)leih3- a#39;(be) bluea#39; (IEW 965, ... Idisis a#39;tufted vetch (Vicia cracca)a#39;, laisys a#39;doga#39;s mercury (Mercurialis perennis)] Hyllested 2004, Gliwa aamp; Hyllested 2006).

Title:Internal Reconstruction in Indo-European
Author:Jens Elmegård Rasmussen, Thomas Olander
Publisher:Museum Tusculanum Press - 2009


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