Internal Structure of Black Holes and Spacetime Singularities

Internal Structure of Black Holes and Spacetime Singularities

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The physics of black holes and spacetime singularities is now a well established area of research in gravitation theory. Over recent years researchers have begun to study the internal structure of black holes and spacetime singularities. This book is primarily the proceedings of a workshop devoted to the subject. The chapters are mainly written versions of the talks given at the workshop. However, the authors have written extended introductions to their contributions, so that a reader, well versed in gravitation theory, but unaware of the current research in this subfield, should be able to follow the text Several topics are considered by more than one author, bringing into the text different viewpoints on these topics. As a result, this book is suitable for graduate students who wish to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the structure of black holes, and for researchers who wish to learn about advances in subfields other than their own. Topics covered include: the nature of thesingularities (both null and spacelike) and the spacetime inside black holes coupled to various matter fields in classical and semiclassical gravity, as well as in alternative gravity theories; the cosmic censorship hypothesis and its connection to black hole interiors; cosmological singularities and their relation with black hole singularities; and black hole entropy and evaporation.An International Research Workshop, Haifa, June 29-July 3, 1997 Lior M. Burko, Amos Ori ... (20.25) \ zrorg / The case T\ = TJ a€” T$ = Tf corresponding to the inflationary vacuum p = a€” i is achieved at r a€” 0. The quadratic ... (20.27) The global structure of spacetime can be seen from the Penrose diagram shown in Fig. 20.2.

Title:Internal Structure of Black Holes and Spacetime Singularities
Author:Lior M. Burko, Amos Ori
Publisher:Inst of Physics Pub Incorporated - 1997


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