Internet messaging

Internet messaging

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Today, companies are looking to break away from proprietary LAN-based E-mail systems to open, Internet-based systems that can integrate both internal and external communications. The Internet messaging market is expected to grow from $1.2 billion in 1996 to $2.2 billion in the Year 2000. Internet Messaging is the complete guide to deploying Internet-based E-mail and solving the most annoying headaches associated with today's corporate E-mail systems. It covers nearly every E-mail issue an IT professional may encounter, from directory services and LDAP to security and virtual private networking. It also brings professionals up-to-date on the latest Internet E-mail standards, what it really means for a system to be q100% Pure Internetq, and how that benefits the enterprise. The book also provides a qHow Can Iq matrix presenting solutions to the 12 most common E-mail problems, including integrating with E-mail with other desktop and palmtop applications; providing secure remote access to E-mail; integrating E-mail with fax, voicemail and paging; and much more.But if some other email program appears, then you are at a loss over what to do and how to fix it. Do you make some ... Spoofing Your Email There is a final problem for sending desktop email, and it is an ugly one indeed. To begin, anyone cananbsp;...

Title:Internet messaging
Author:Marshall T. Rose, David Strom
Publisher:Prentice Hall Ptr - 1998-06-25


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