Internet Poker

Internet Poker

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Playing Internet poker in real time against real opponents might just represent poker's brave new world. Whether for play-money or real money, it's an environment consisting of virtual tables, player icons representing you and your opponents, and specialized computer algorithms that randomly shuffle the cards. It's a world where you can find a game day or night. Though it may be the wee hours of the morning in California, it's prime time in Europe, and someone, somewhere, is looking to play a little poker. But it's poker with a difference. The game is the same, to be sure, but technology does kick in -- sometimes in strange and unexpected ways. A reference as well as a tutorial, this book includes a CD with free poker software, and a special bonus chapter with 125 interactive hands to help you prepare to play the Internet games for fun or for profit.How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games Lou Krieger, Kathleen Keller Watterson ... When Don Lock- wood raises from Seat 5, peek at his cards, and also at those of the caller, Uriah Heep, in Seat 7. Now fold and sit back and watch the battle between the two hands. ... two small pair on Sixth Street, while Uriah has the only low (and a lovely one at that) plus an open-ended straight draw for which eitheranbsp;...

Title:Internet Poker
Author:Lou Krieger, Kathleen Keller Watterson
Publisher:ConJelCo LLC - 2003-01-01


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