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For many Americans, marriage remains a compelling personal choice, one that continues to find broad cultural support. Yet, scholars have underscored the qqdisestablishmentqq of marriage, that is, its weakening enforcement by the state and other institutions. The other side to this trend has been the rise of an alternative qqrelationship-centeredqq culture whose core is the quest for intimacy. Among its chief features is the absence of authoritative rules governing intimate choice. Whether it's decisions about partner selection (class, race, gender, nationality, religion), living separately or.In April, Team Baby descended on Northern Virginia, near Tamar and Andy and a reputable fertility institute. ... While the donora#39;s eggs were being harvested, I browsed the agencya#39;s bro- chures, one of which advertised the availability, for an anbsp;...

Author:Alan Frank, Patricia T. Clough, Steven Seidman
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-07-24


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