Into the Desert

Into the Desert

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As she approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, Gabrielle qEllieq Nylander realizes she needs to get a grip. Single (and unhappy), she distracts herself by drinking, smoking, and carousing like a hooker on holiday. She's not yet met her match, romantically, but her eyes are open.Her life is okay (if a little boring) in the small town of Issaquah, Washington. She's proud to be a member of the Black Ridge Dance Company, but she stillwants more. She'd give anything for a little excitement in her okay life. One night while driving home, she gets what she asked for. Thanks to an exploding tire, she finds herself in need of help on a rainy night. When that help arrives in the form of tall, tan, and oh-my-God, Ellie's life changes forever. Mickaela, a bold, confident, and sexy woman, is the reason. Ellie the virgin realizes that she now has a serious crush on this amazing woman who is more than her match. Unfortunately, her life is in for other changes too, ones she's considerably less enthusiastic about. In the first few weeks of her new romance, her life is filled with exhilaration, scrutiny, intrigue, and danger, and then Ellie is stalked, stabbed, and kidnapped. It's just the firststep of the weird dance her life is about to become. Mickaela breaks the horrible news that she must go back to Iraq to save a friend who is in deep trouble. How much more excitement can Ellie take?a€œStepside, stepback, step side, yes, yes, Elaine, feet togethera€”a€ Ms. Sophiea#39;s instruction cut into my thoughts. We joked and ... Wedanced the box step, which led into the Americanwaltz and, aspromised, a bit ofthe rumba. During our break, weanbsp;...

Title:Into the Desert
Author:Gia Bellardino
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-11-22


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