Introducing Psychopathology

Introducing Psychopathology

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Introducing Psychopathology is an essential course companion for counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology trainees. It explains how to describe and diagnose client problems in clear, accessible language, demystifying the concept of psychopathology and revealing it as an integral aspect of training and practice. The book is entirely comprehensive in its coverage of client problems, groups, methods of assessment, up-to-date research and settings, covering crucial topics from assessment and diagnosis to the clinical symptoms of emotional distress, including severe or enduring disorders like schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder providing a framework for psychiatric diagnosis and classification and covering risk assessment in detail concluding with a chapter on holistic approaches and emotional wellbeing. Case studies and exercises throughout the book make sense of the theory in real-life practice and the author's enthusiasm for her subject makes for a uniquely engaging, readable guide to the complexities of psychopathologies.Certain research alsoshowsthat smoking cannabis maybemore dangerous than smoking tobacco (forexample, ... Regarding cannabis intake outcome, death israre andmostly due to hashish oil injected straightinto avein. ... There is asmell of alcohol on her breath; she sweetlysays that she does nothave a problem with alcohol, although shedid have some to drink earlier but cannot remember how much.

Title:Introducing Psychopathology
Author:Betty Rudd
Publisher:SAGE - 2013-11-14


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