Introduction to 6800/6802 Microprocessor Systems

Introduction to 6800/6802 Microprocessor Systems

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Introduction to 6800/6802 Microprocessor Systems: Hardware, Software and Experimentation introduces the reader to the features, characteristics, operation, and applications of the 6800/6802 microprocessor and associated family of devices. Many worked examples are included to illustrate the theoretical and practical aspects of the 6800/6802 microprocessor. Comprised of six chapters, this book begins by presenting several aspects of digital systems before introducing the concepts of fetching and execution of a microprocessor instruction. Details and descriptions of hardware elements (MPU, RAM, ROM, PIA, etc.) necessary for the design and implementation of dedicated systems are also considered. Subsequent chapters focus on how the 6800/6802 microprocessor can be programmed at the machine-code level and by assembler programming techniques; the principles involved in interfacing the MPU system to peripheral equipment; practical aspects of parallel and serial data transfer techniques using the PIA and ACIA, respectively; hardware and software features of the Motorola MEK6802D5E evaluation system. The book concludes by discussing details of 12 investigations that may be undertaken using the MEK6802D5E evaluation system. This monograph is intended for students, technicians, scientists, and engineers.Memory Instruction address Content number Remarks 0000 CE 0001 00 1 LDX ( IMM) 0002 50 0003 A6 2 LDAA (IND) 0004 10 Modifier 0005 A7 3 STAA (IND) 0006 00 Modifier 0007 08 4. INX 0008 8C 0009 00 5 CPX (IMM) 000A 60 000B 26anbsp;...

Title:Introduction to 6800/6802 Microprocessor Systems
Author:Robert J. Simpson, Trevor J. Terrell
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-12


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