Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

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KEY BENEFIT: Substantial yet reader-friendly, this introduction examines the living system from the molecular to the human scalea€“presenting bioengineering practice via some of the best engineering designs provided by nature, from a variety of perspectives. Domach makes the field more accessible, helping readers to pick up the jargon and determine where their skill sets may fit in. KEY TOPICS: Cellular and Molecular Building Blocks of Living Systems; Mass Conservation, Cycling, and Kinetics; Requirements and Features of a Functional and Coordinated System; Bioenergetics; Molecular Basis of Catalysis and Regulation; Analysis of Molecular Binding Phenomena; Applications and Design in Biomolecular Technology; Metabolic and Tissue Engineering; Primer on Tissues and Organs; Biomechanics; Biofluid Mechanics; Biomaterials; Pharmacokinetics; Noninvasive Sensing and Signal Processing. MARKET: A useful resource for anyone interested in joining the field or learning more about bioengineering.Another practical issue is that one has to make sure that the DNA fragment does not insert in the midst of a gene that is ... If the insulin DNA has been processed to have complementary sticky ends, then it will insert into the plasmid viaanbsp;...

Title:Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Author:Michael M. Domach
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2010


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