Introduction to Gnosis

Introduction to Gnosis

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In ancient times, the Gnostics sought for salvation through personal, experiential knowledge of the Divine. Their methods of self-reliance and their sublime knowledge profoundly impacted society, such that the dominant powers felt threatened and the tradition was forced to disappear from public view. Now, after centuries of obscurity, the Gnostics have re-emerged, still carrying their profound message of Gnosis: knowledge of self and the Divine. In a simple and elegant way, Samael Aun Weor explains the basic methodology for people in today's world to begin to approach the greater mysteries of the Gnostics. In this basic and practical guide, Samael Aun Weor offers a breadth of exercises guiding the reader to discover within themselves a wealth of insight and understanding. Gnosis, after all, is Greek for knowledge, and the seeker is told, qKnow thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and its Gods.q qA great author deduced that the human being needs eight important things in life: health and the conservation of life, nourishment, sleep, money and the things money can buy, life in the beyond, sexual satisfaction, the well-being of his children, and a sense of proper importance. We synthesize these eight things into three: 1. Health 2. Money 3. Love qIf you really want to acquire these three things, you should study and practice everything that this course teaches you. We will show you the path of success.q - Samael Aun Weor Includes the lecture qHow to Make Light Withinq and the pamphlet qMarriage, Divorce, and Tantra.q Topics include: An Exercise to Control Your Anger; The Power of Thought; Mental Force; Concentration of the Mind; The Law of Karma; Favorable Circumstances; The Descent of Cosmic Vibration; Prana; The Names of the Tattvas; Properties of the Tattvas; Money; Clairvoyance; Alcoholism; Meditation and Intoxication; Osmotherapy; Mental Relaxation; Concentration; Meditation; Contemplation; The Universal Mind; Imagination and Will; Mental Action; Mental Epidemics; Mental Hygiene; Vegetarian Diet; Self-observation; Chatter; qI'sa in the Five Centers; Matrimony, Divorce, and Tantra; and more.Glossary. Centers, Seven: The human being has seven centers of psychological activity. ... In the past, many incarnated the Christ. ... The difference between Jesus and the other Masters that also incarnated the Christ has to do with Hierarchy.

Title:Introduction to Gnosis
Author:Samael Aun Weor
Publisher:Glorian Publishing - 2010


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