Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

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Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive, 8e, features comprehensive coverage ideal for a one-, two-, or three-semester CS1 course sequence. Regardless of major, students will be able to grasp concepts of problem-solving and programming a€” thanks to Liang's fundamentals-first approach, students learn critical problem solving skills and core constructs before object-oriented programming. Liang's approach has been extended to application-rich programming examples, which go beyond the traditional math-based problems found in most texts. Students are introduced to topics like control statements, methods, and arrays before learning to create classes. Later chapters introduce advanced topics including graphical user interface, exception handling, I/O, and data structures. Small, simple examples demonstrate concepts and techniques while longer examples are presented in case studies with overall discussions and thorough line-by-line explanations. Increased data structures chapters make the Eighth Edition ideal for a full course on data structures.(Creating an alarm clock) Write an applet that will display a digital clock with a large display panel that shows hour, minute, and second. This clock should allow the user to set an alarm. Figure 18.26(a) shows an example of such a clock.

Title:Introduction to Java Programming
Author:Y. Daniel Liang
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2011


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