Introduction to Learning and Behavior

Introduction to Learning and Behavior

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Offering a variety of innovative teaching tools, INTRODUCTION TO LEARNING AND BEHAVIOR, 4e equips students with a clear introduction to the basic principles of learning and behavior. Designed to apply learning theory and principles to the presentation of learning, it vividly illustrates how learning principles work in both animals and people. Throughout the book, the authors clearly demonstrate how the study of learning helps solve practical problems, such as improving study skills, improving relationships, raising children, and effectively stopping smoking. It reflects the latest research from the field and includes an all-new chapter on Comparative Cognition. Helping students maximize their understanding and retention of key concepts, the authors include numerous opportunities for review and self-testing. In addition, the text includes the widely popular SNIFFY THE VIRTUAL RAT LITE CD-ROM, which simulates a wide range of learning phenomena. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.STUDY QUESTIONS 1. ... 2. What is an extinction burst? What is resurgence? 3. What are four side effects of extinction, other than extinction burst and resurgence ? 4. ... How is resistance to extinction affected by history of reinforcement, magnitude of reinforcement, degree of deprivation, and previous ... Illustrate your answer with a graph of a generalization gradient. ... 18. How might a bird owner use stimulus control to eliminate a parrota#39;s tendency to squawk for long periods of time?

Title:Introduction to Learning and Behavior
Author:Russell Powell, P. Honey, Diane Symbaluk
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2012-03-09


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