Introduction To Set Theory

Introduction To Set Theory

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This book Introduction to Set Theory is very important in the field of modern algebra. It is very important to study this book to study modern mathematics. This book contain preliminary Notation, Sets, Subsets, Mapping Function and Relation. This book is useful to the students of under graduate, post graduate students and the candidate appearing in various competitions like pre Engineering/I.A.S/ P.C.S. etc. Contents: Preliminary Notation, Relations, Product or Composite of Mapping, Mapping or FunctionsSOLVED EXAMPLES Example 1: Prove that the operation * on the set Z of all integers defined by a * b = a + b + 1 V a, b e Z satisfies the ... who appeared in the examination is 1000 of whom 650 appeared in English and 200 appeared in both English and Hindi. Find, (i) The number of candidates who offered paper in Hindi.

Title:Introduction To Set Theory
Author:A. K. Sharma
Publisher:Discovery Publishing House - 2010-01-01


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