Introductory Guide to Planning and Environmental Protection

Introductory Guide to Planning and Environmental Protection

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qThis guide is an accessible, well-written introduction to the myriad environmental topics that impinge on the practice of town and country planning...I believe that this guide will make a genuine difference in the way town and country planning is practised, taught and learned.q -Christopher Wood, FRTPI, Convenor, Environmental Planning and Protection Panel Every planning decision has a resource use implication of some kind. The more resource efficient the outcome can be, the better chance we have of achieving long term sustainability. As the environmental protection agenda becomes more complex, so planners need a straightforward compendium to explain the big concepts, provide a guide to the main regulatory requirements and point to further sources of information. Through the use of data sheets with extensive textual cross referencing, this guide provides an informed overview of environmental protection matters as they might affect the work of the town planner. It can be used to get a better understanding of the wide linkage between land-use planning and environmental impacts or to help readers deal in a more environmentally informed way with specific aspects of the planning process. It will be helpful when readers: are dealing with planning applications that raise issues about environmental protection need to get a better understanding of the role of some of the main organisations which influence/make decisions about environmental conditions are faced with an environmental regulation and need to understand the concept behind it Funded by the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Environment Agency, this easy to use guide will be an essential reference for all planners and will also be of interest to students, environmental/ sustainability practitioners, voluntary sector organisations, and anyone interested in the relationship between land-use planning and environmental effects.However, the Environment Agency is very clear in its expectations of Town and Country Planning. lts handbook [EA, 1998] sets out, ... The specimen local protocol/agreement contains indicative levels of service which can be developed by individual ... DTLR, Planning: Delivering a Fundamental Change, London, 2001.

Title:Introductory Guide to Planning and Environmental Protection
Author:Royal Town Planning Institute
Publisher:Thomas Telford - 2002-01-01


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