Inventing the Movies

Inventing the Movies

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From Edison to the iPod, from the Warner Brothers to George Lucas, the story of how the movies became America's favorite form of escapist entertainment - and retained their hold on our imaginations for more than a century - is a story of innovators prevailing again and again over skeptics who prefer to preserve the status quo. Inventing the Movies unspools the never-before-told story of the innovators who shaped Hollywood: how a chance meeting at the Saratoga Race Track led to the end of black-and-white movies ... how Bing Crosby brought you the VCR ... how Walt Disney tamed television ... how a shotgun blast signaled the end of hand-made models and the beginning of digital special effects ... and how even the almighty Morgan Freeman had trouble persuading theater-owners that the Internet wasn't their mortal enemy. Inventing the Movies is an important read not just for fans of Hollywood's history, but for innovators trying to make change happen in any industry.(The actress Lillian Gish, who starred in many of Griffitha#39;s movies, added that Biograph executives a€œthought that a movie that ... They never had been exhibitors , nor did they make any effort to discover what the public might happen to want, a€ wrote ... a gun straight into the camera, a shot to which Martin Scorcese would later pay homage in Goodfellas and The Departed. ... the box office. (And there were no complaints of eye fatigue from audience members.) Now that they were makinganbsp;...

Title:Inventing the Movies
Author:Scott Kirsner
Publisher:Scott Kirsner - 2008


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