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Based on the threats of neighbors to his family, Robert (Robbie) Watson Jr. is thrust from his comfortable working class black neighborhood in Cleveland in the late 1950s to an integrated neighborhood where blacks are the minority. He attends primarily white public schools and graduates from a predominantly white university in the early 1970s and discovers he is pursued by corporations to be the a€œtokena€ black hire in their organizations. He rejects this, and pursues his dream of designing a computer by forming his own company. A success in his professional life, Robert struggles to decide which of the women in his personal world will claim his heart: the intelligent, exotic Elena, sexy Nisee or his glamorous business partner Penny. Meanwhile, omnipresent racism and corporate greed threaten to undermine his growing business as he travels to Japan to negotiate the deal of a lifetime. Inventions weaves the technical and business detail of entrepreneurship between the U.S and Japan with relationships that are complicated by the psychological isolation of a black male in a white world. Inventions is a story of one man's search for identity, for the place he truly belongs and a love that will make him whole.Robbie knew that he would be going around all parts of Cleveland working on projects, and some of them might take him into eastern Indiana and ... He found a used one in the classified ads that he was interested in a€” a 1 967 Corvette Stingray convertible, cobalt blue with a ... he could teach himself to drive the manual transmission without people seeing who was struggling with 42 PAUL L. WOODRING.

Author:Paul L. Woodring
Publisher: - 2007-08-01


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