Inventors Survival Guide

Inventors Survival Guide

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qThe Inventors Survival Guide, q a process partner in a book, will save you thousands of dollars! The content is targeted for inventions marketed in the USA by inventors, who have access to the Internet wherever they live in the world. With high profile guest writers on everything from agreements to warning signs, the writers sought advice from the best and offer their own. Information includes web sites, business partners, marketing tips, profes-sional insights, free online newsletters, searchable databases, and much more! qThe Inventors Survival Guideq: . Identifies five aspects to the invent-to-market process (research, process partners, legal requirements, business plan and marketing). . Offers a business focus to inventors so they can profit from their ideas. . Introduces expert articles on sparsely documented aspects of inventing. . Discusses the dollar costs of inventing. . Lists multiple resources for the inventor to tap for the latest information. . Enables the inventor to contact the authors and contributors.Silicone Mold Casting a€“ silicone rubber is poured over a model and cured. The model is cut out of the hardened silicone rubber, leaving behind an exact impression. This mold may be filled with plastic resins or wax to create final plastic partsanbsp;...

Title:Inventors Survival Guide
Author:Cathy Verschneider, Abby Waters
Publisher:Virtualbookworm Publishing - 2005-06-01


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