Investigating the Natural World of Chemistry with Kids

Investigating the Natural World of Chemistry with Kids

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This unique book of real chemistry and science for children illustrates the nature of physical and chemical change using the very smallest parts of things: atoms and molecules. It encourages children, ages 5-12, along with their parents or teachers, to become active learners of science, to discover meaning not only in the ideas and definitions of others, but also (and especially) in their own world. Chapters include: Evaporating, Condensing, Dissolving, Crystallizing, Mixing, Separating, Melting, Freezing, and Reacting.Why do water vapor bubbles in boiling water rise up like soda bubbles? ... And when they get to the top they pop? ... And if it keeps happening over and over, bubbles rising up and popping, again and again, the water will all disappear. ... When soda loses all its bubbles we say it has gone flat. Flat? It doesna#39;t look flat. It looks the same. It just doesna#39;t have any ... Sometimes ita#39;s called carbonated water . O.

Title:Investigating the Natural World of Chemistry with Kids
Author:Michael J. Strauss
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 2012-09


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