Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy

Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy

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a€œPossessing a rare skill set amongst professional investors and authors, Dr. Appel has successfully managed to provide readers with the perfect mix of up-to-date details on the various types and asset classes of ETFs, crucial, tried, and true concepts of risk management, and just the right mix of backing historical data to pull it all togethera€“all in a a€œuser-friendlya€ package. Upon conclusion of this book, readers will have experienced a paradigm shift in the thought process of their own current investment strategies. Taking it to the next level and actually implementing the concepts will automatically cause readers to experience a higher level of profitability and consistency; one they might never have thought possible from the utilization of concepts in just one small book.a€ a€”Deron Wagner, Founder and Portfolio Manager,, author, Trading ETFs: Gaining An Edge With Technical Analysis a€œToday, exchange-traded funds are the most innovative and rapidly growing investment vehicles. Marvin Appela€™s new book provides, in a highly readable framework, a wealth of information on what they are anda€“more importantlya€“how private and professional investors can use them to build wealth through a simple and easy-to-implement investment programa€ a€”C. Michael Carty, Principal and Chief Investment Officer, New Millennium Advisors, LLC a€œIn the ever-expanding complex world of ETFs, Marvin Appel has cut through all the fluff and created a one-stop guide to not only using them, but using them profitably. The sections on diversification and the use of relative strength in comparing asset classes are invaluable. Individual investors and financial advisors alike will get a significant return on investment by spending time with this booka€ a€“Bob Kargenian, CMT, President/Principal, TABR Capital Management, LLC ETFs offer exceptionally low expenses, outstanding performance, and unparalleled transparency. With more than 200 new ETFs added in just the last year, for typical investors, the choices are simply overwhelming. In this fully updated guidebook, renowned ETF expert Dr. Marvin Appel cuts through the ETF marketing hype, offering a start-to-finish plan for choosing the right ETFsa€“today, and for years to come. Appel reveals what ETFs can and cana€™t do, explains why theya€™re not all equally attractive, and shows exactly how to use them to beat the market. Drawing on objective data and proven, backtested strategies, Appel shows how to quickly move into the right ETFs at the right time, consistently staying on the winning side of major market trends. Appel starts by explaining how ETFs work, then illuminates every facet of ETF investing: quantifying risk and reward; increasing investment income; deciding when to move into cash; and much more. This book includes new chapters on commodity ETFs, using ETFs for investment income and all new coverage of emerging market ETFs. Appel also provides a clear assessment of tax-oriented ETF investing. From start to finish, this book candidly assesses risks, costs, and rewardsa€“helping you become an informed ETF consumer, and an exceptionally effective ETF investor. Discover what todaya€™s newest ETFs can do for you Get the real deal on commodity ETFs, emerging market ETFs, and more Use ETFs to invest like the big players Drive down costs, and fully leverage diversification, Wall Streeta€™s only a€œfree luncha€ Learn what your investment advisors still wona€™t tell you The objective truth about todaya€™s ETFa€™s: changing costs, risks, and opportunities Build and maintain your a€œone-decisiona€ portfolioa€“the easy way! Profitable investing has never been this simple Derive even greater profits with proven a€œactivea€ strategies Simple allocation strategies you can implement in just minutesFundamental analysis reflects the discipline of making investment decisions based on underlying data (subjective or ... Technical analysis is the discipline of using quantitative data or visual chart patterns to guide investment decisions.

Title:Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy
Author:Marvin Appel
Publisher:FT Press - 2008-10-17


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