iPhone UK: The Missing Manual

iPhone UK: The Missing Manual

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With multitasking and more than a 100 other new features, iPhone 4.0 is a real treat, cooked up with Apple a„cs traditional secret sauce of simplicity, intelligence, and whimsy. iPhone UK: The Missing Manual gives you a guided tour of everything the new iPhone has to offer, with lots of tips, tricks, and surprises. Learn how to make calls and play songs by voice control, take great photos, keep track of your schedule, and much more with complete step-by-step instructions and crystal-clear explanations by iPhone master David Pogue. Whether you have a brand-new iPhone, or want to update an earlier model with the iPhone 4.0 software, this beautiful full-colour book is the best, most objective resource available.Use it as a phone -- learn the basics as well as time-saving tricks and tips for contact searching, texting, and more Treat it as an iPod -- master the ins and outs of iTunes, and listen to music, upload and view photos, and fill the iPhone with TV shows and films Take the iPhone online -- make the most of your online experience to browse the Web, read and compose email, use social networks, or send photos and audio files Go beyond the iPhone -- learn how to use the App Store, and how to multitask between your apps, organize them in folders, and read ebooks in iBooksUnlock the full potential of your iPhone with the book that should have been in the box.The usera#39;s manual for your earpiece should tell you what the passcode is (ifone is even required). When youa#39;re using a Bluetooth earpiece, you dial using the iPhone itself (unless youa#39;re using voice dialling, of course). You generally use the ... Type a€œiPhone Motorola H800 earpiece, a€ for example. Chances are good thatanbsp;...

Title:iPhone UK: The Missing Manual
Author:David Pogue
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2010-10-27


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