IPv6 Essentials

IPv6 Essentials

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Pv6 Essentials discusses all aspects of IPv6, the protocol that will be used increasingly in our IP-based networks. IPv4, probably the most important networking standard in use, is growing old. It was developed almost 30 years ago and isn't able to cope with the requirements of tomorrow's networks. IPv6 is the evolution of IPv4. The two protocols are expected to coexist in our networks for many years to come. Many interoperability and transition mechanisms have been developed to ensure a smooth transition. Topics covered in this book include : The IPv6 header, Extension headers, and everything you need to know about the extended 128-bit address format ; ICMPv6 and its functions, such as neighbor and router discovery, autoconfiguration, Path MTU discovery, and multicast group management ; Security elements available in IPv6 and the IPSEC framework ; Description of QoS elements available in IPv6, including different QoS architectures ; Designs of sample networks and an overview of Mobile IPv6 ; Routing protocols such as RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP, and IS-IS. DHCP, DNS, SLP, HTTP, and other upper-layer protocols for IPv6. Interoperability and transition mechanisms and scenarios. Quick-start guide to using IPv6 on different operating systems, such as Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows, and on routers IPv6 Essentials offers a well-organized introduction to IPv6 for experienced network professionals, as well as for administrators, managers, and executives. It explains the new features and functions of IPv6 and shows the protocol in action, including packet trace files. The book also provides an overview of where the market is, how to register IPv6 address space, and how to get started. Even if you don't plan to roll out IPv6 tomorrow, this book will help you to determine the right moment to integrate it into your corporate network strategy.For instance, 2 would be link-local scope and 5 would be site- local scope. For a list of the multicast ... This command includes the host and port address of the FTP server and therefore does not work over IPv6 without modification. The PORTanbsp;...

Title:IPv6 Essentials
Author:Silvia Hagen
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2002-01


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