IPv6 in Practice

IPv6 in Practice

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This book is a practical guide to IPv6 addressing Unix and network administrators with experience in TCP/IP(v4) but not necessarily any IPv6 knowledge. It focuses on reliable and efficient operation of IPv6 implementations available today rather than on protocol specifications. Consequently, it covers the essential concepts, using instructive and thoroughly tested examples, on how to configure, administrate, and debug IPv6 setups. These foundations are complemented by discussions of best practices and strategic considerations aimed at overall efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and interoperation.In our example we configure the left tunnel router with a network route for 2001: db8:fedc:1::/64 and the right tunnel router with a default route through the tunnel. ... Bothsupport a dev keyword that lets us specify the interface instead of the IP address of the tunnel peer. ... FreeBSD 6.1 We configure our routes with route, using the -iface option: # route add -inet6 2001:db8:fedc:1::/64 -iface gif0 # route addanbsp;...

Title:IPv6 in Practice
Author:Benedikt Stockebrand
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-11-28


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