Iraq-Heroes and More

Iraq-Heroes and More

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qIraq The murder and mayhem of this Middle East mosaic are David Mays' motifs in this Mesopotamian masterwork. The writer's microscope moves mercilessly to inspect the human microbes brought to the surface in the time since the invasion of that country in 2003. We meet the ruthless religious fanatic who sees it as his duty to cut the throats of women whose working lives aid the community: the aimless young man who finds hope in suicide for Al Qa'eda: the persecutor of Christians: the cynical warlords manipulating these people in the pursuit of their own power lust. Yet are there no good guys? Are there only microbes in the bog that is Baghdad? No. There is the dogged courage of the U.S. service personnel who believe that their mission is to make good out of evil. There is the ordinary Iraqi, trying to make a living, sometimes surviving, sometimes not, the murderous machinations of those around him. A two-part delineation of the real Iraq, David Mays' book is a necessary primer for those who wish to understand this war-riven country of Heroes -and more.q --Denis Frize, University Professor-U.K., M.A., B. A., (Hons.), P.G. C. E. Author Bio: David W. Mays lives in Denton, Texas. qMy motivation was seeing the local Iraqi people, who literally put their lives on the line every day, to be able to go to work with the Americans and feed their families. Many lived and prospered working with the Coalition forces and some lost their lives. I have not seen such bravery in my lifetime.q He is writing his next thriller. http: // http: // http: // Publisher's website: http: // W. Mays. Suddenly the truck seemed to be going erratically, swerving from side to side. ... It seemed the truck was still on the highway, but why was Cement Man driving this way? ... Usually there was not much trouble this close to the border. ... His first thought was to run over them, but it was not in his nature to do that.

Title:Iraq-Heroes and More
Author:David W. Mays
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2011-04


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